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Don Series textbooks, likely Questions and Answers and Workbook for Junior High Schools and Primary are comprehensive books based on the WAEC and GES syllabuses. The books are packaged in JHS 1, 2 &3 combined and singles. Their contents are very outstanding with a lot of colorful illustrations to provide motivation for teaching and learning. A comprehensive teacher’s guide, which provides clear guidance and lesson plan, is provided. We provide unit summary, group discussions, lot of questions to assess and evaluate their objectives on each topic. Additionally, over 200 common abbreviations and terminologies are provided.


The likely Questions and Answers have over 2000 likely objectives and theory BECE questions as well as BECE Mock questions in various subjects. The books are divided into three parts; Part I consists of multiple choice questions which are categorized under each topic in the Junior High School Syllabus. Part II consists of special theory and practical questions and answers conveniently grouped under their respective topics. The last part (Part III) is based on BECE past questions up to date with answers. The Primary textbooks and workbooks come with a lot of illustrations, evaluation questions and marking scheme at all levels.


These books are written to support textbooks available that come with very little questions for pupils to practice.

Pupils who use this book will benefit in the following ways:

  • Pupils will have first-hand information on how to answer BECE questions.
  • Pupils will know the accepted answers required in examinations.
  • Pupils can understand topics in the syllabus by practicing likely examination questions under each topic.
  • Pupils without access to laboratories can benefit from the illustrations in the books to help them identify the components of their research objects.
  • BECE candidates can use our books to revise and also to assist them in covering the whole syllabus.
  • BECE candidates who scored grade 2 or 3 will now score grade1 after using our books.

Additionally, teachers can benefit from the book in the following ways:

  • Teachers can use our books to help pupils at all levels to practice the various topics in the syllabus.
  • Teachers who use our books will have access to more questions to engage students in their assignments and homework.
  • Teachers who use these books will have first-hand information on the scope of the BECE questions and the answers required of pupils.


Books with all these benefits should be expensive. However, our books are very affordable for the students and teachers. The price list is attached to the proposal with a good discount. Every year 99% of BECE questions come from Don Series since 2012-till now.

We are very hopeful that all the pupils and teachers would get copies of these unique books.



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